Shinelife’s Story

A small business has diligently created a friendly living for our environment.

In 2008, a boy held a brand new 5mm LED (light-emitting diode) and noticed the incredible versatility of such an energy efficient light. He imagined the myriad applications and envisioned a greener future where LED lights, with half the power consumption and four times the lifespan, enjoy widespread usage. It was this dream that would lead to the creation of ShineLife (Shine-Life Green Energy Technology).

Two years later, he would take the first step toward that dream with an idea to use LEDs to make car brake lights. With the assistance of government grants and generous benefactors he obtained the patent and started development and eventually mass production. Later he established the company with the Department of Commerce in Taiwan.

As 2012 came, ShineLife wanted to expand, not just with new products, but also by providing knowledge and services. This included things like retail and wholesale distribution as well as consultation for LED solutions. It was also at that time they began production of the product now analogous three-dimension with the company, LED night lights. Night lights would become the most popular product, selling in many famous amusement parks in Taiwan.

ShineLife has continued to expand and develop to this day, still moving towards one boy's dream of a greener brighter future.